1. Salvaging of derelicts may yield weapons or equipment that can be added to your ship. Smaller items can be fitted immediately while larger externally mounted items can only be installed while docked or landed.

    Items not suitable for your own ship can be stored or sold / traded.

    Items can also be repaired or upgraded if you have the appropriate skills.

  2. The big UGC/DLC – in the same vein as Quake / Half Life etc. mods. Maybe give / sell access to the toolkit you guys use to build the game?

    Let’s have the ability to create new stuff and share it. Not for use in standard missions and so on, but in offline mode or in dedicated UGC universe(s)?

  3. I definitely need an easy way to tell the difference between NPCs and other players. Sometimes “sorry” just doesn’t cut it when you’ve accidentally unleashed fiery hull meltdown death on some poor soul (or been on the receiving end yourself).

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