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26th May – 1st June 2013: Cobra mk4

I’ve been trying to understand Blender better, and figured a refresh of the venerable Cobra Mk3 might make a suitable exercise.


Blender is an awesome tool but there’s *so* much to learn.


I started with a Cobra Mk3 extracted from the Oolite source using the Dat2ObjTex script, imported that into Blender and set about smoothing out some of the edges, recessing the fuel scoop and cockpit glass and extruding the engine surrounds a bit – hopefully aiming for a version of the Cobra that looked a bit more modern and closer to the artwork seen coming out of the Frontier dev team working on Elite: Dangerous.

Then, I worked through the process of creating seams by trial and error and eventually UV unwrapping produced a sensible-looking bitmap for texturing.

I added lighting effects around the edge of the fuel scoop, to the cockpit and the engine tubes and made the rest of the skin much darker.

A lengthy spell of examining the model and fixing mesh errors followed and ultimately I was able to exporting a .obj file out of Blender and test it with MeshLab.

Meshlab will simply refuse to load a mesh that isn't well formed

MeshLab will simply refuse to load a mesh that isn’t well formed

Once MeshLab was happy, it was a quick hack to force this updated model into Oolite, this time using the Obj2DatTex script.

Okay this involved direct meddling with the core source code but I just wanted to know if the work I’d done was likely to succeed or fail in-game.

And here it is running inside Oolite

And here it is running inside Oolite

So that’s this week’s exercise crudely knocked in to shape. Next I’ll figure out how to do this properly and build an OXP for it.

6th & 7th May 2013: Elite badges

20130506_221524 20130506_221333 20130506_221325

14th April 2013: Cobra MkIII

Cobra mark 3 3D print with one Euro coin for scale

My First Cobra MkIII




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