I’m doing the Creative Coding course at FutureLearn. Here’s some of the stuff I learned (or am learning) to do!

Introduction to Processing.

Let’s write our name…

To introduce us to the Processing environment (and to make sure we’re up and running properly) we’re given a sketch (Processing source file) that tracks the mouse pointer and plots blocks of varying size and opacity when you hold down the button and drag it around. The first task is to write your name;


That’s nice, but let’s see if I can add a little more variation;


Quite subtle differences there as I didn’t want to go nuts with the cursor sizes and whatnot. So then I decided to throw in a bit of colour and let the cursor grow a bit more for the final variation of this bit of code;


Then there are a couple of other variations using different source files;


This is nice. I’ll mess this one up later, but for now, on to the third sketch and its output;


I like that too, but so far w1_02_00 is my favourite effect.







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