Draw Something

The Draw Something app is available on iOS from the app store and on Android from the Google Play store. It’s fun – give it a try. Here are some of my attempts. My favourite is probably Joker, but see how many you can figure out (the image names kind of give them away)

And if you want to experience my artistic inability first-hand, look me up in-game. Just tap “new game” and search for my username: omgpop144936403

Ferry Coal
Harry Floss
Seasick Lockers
Jesus Power
Snorkel Ribs
Tractor Whisper
Violin Shoplift
Soulmate Truck
Lick Kiwi
Youtube Torpedo
Barbeque Bench
Facebook Avatar
Duel Fangs
Melting Violets
Recipe Grill
Giftwrap Redneck
Joker Knives
Tequila Frog
Wink Sniper
Eeyore Backflip
Rain Rugrats
Wand Saucepan
Peach Bacon
Flour Print
Gunners Sand
Bones Pop
MCHammer Punch
Organ Icing
Woman Spurs
Collar Snog
Tennis Barcode
PartyHat Hockey
Clay Aladdin
Walrus Tree
Joystick Venom
StarTrek Watch
Eyeball Twitter
Cello Bus
Sing Triangle
Drawer Sheriff
Kangaroo Tears

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  1. What this doesn’t convey (which is a shame) is the animation the other person receives – the way your drawings appear on my screen when I’m trying to guess them are very amusing as well

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